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If you are placing a custom order for a cake, cookies or cupcakes, visit the enquire page and complete the form. Ensure you’re including as much information as possible to help streamline the process! I’ll get back to you with further details.  

As much as possible! I will always do my best to fit you in, but sometimes I am fully booked months in advance. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to reserve a date - if I’m available, you can place a $50 deposit to secure a spot and we can work on the finer details later! 

All cakes are quoted in coffee sized portions - please refer to our Menu + Sizing pages for further details. 

It’s important to consider any other sweet treats being offered at dessert time and whether the cake is being individually plated or on shared platters to know how much cake you’ll need. For any wedding cake enquiries, please include how your cake will be plated in your enquiry.

If you’re needing to serve a large number of people but don’t want a massive cake on display, we are more than happy to provide slab cakes in the same flavour for serving. 

I do!

The minimum spend on a custom cake is $150.

Cupcakes have a minimum order quantity of 12.

Cookies have a minimum order quantity of 20.  

Your cake will come on a display board a few inches larger than your cake. It will also be placed into a box with serving and care instructions. 

If you’d like to collect your order, you can do so from Hillbank, SA. For cakes, I recommend pickup to be the day of your event to ensure structural integrity. If your cake does not contain fresh flowers you are welcome to collect the day before, so long as you have space in your fridge to store it overnight. A time for collection will be arranged a few days prior. I kindly ask that you are punctual to ensure I am on time for any other clients who may be collecting the same day.

Please note if you do opt to pick up, we take no responsibility to repair any damages that have been caused in transit. Your car will need to be well air-conditioned with the cake placed on a flat surface. Be sure if you have any other errands to run that you do so before you collect your cake so you can drive directly to your destination and avoid it being in the car for any longer than it has to be.

Delivery and set up for custom orders is available at an additional cost that varies depending on your location, starting at $20. I strongly recommend delivery for cakes 2 tiers and over - I have plenty of experience in getting your cake to you safe and sound!  

My preferred method of payment for custom orders is direct deposit.

PayPal and Credit Card payments can be made upon request for custom orders however incur a surcharge. 

Most definitely, it’s the best part of getting married! I aim to offer cake tastings a few times a year. When they are available they will be advertised on my social media pages and my newsletter. Sign up using the box at the bottom of this page to be notified!

Please refer to my Cancellation and Order Change Policy if you need to change or cancel your order.

You can also find COVID-19 specific cancellation information here as well.